Solar Energy & Advanced Materials Research Group


4th UCL Materials Hub Workshop: Renewable Energy on 05 June 

30 June 2017

The 4th UCL Materials Hub workshop: Renewable Energy was hosted by our group on 05 June.

4MHWS1 Two exciting topics have been discussed in the workshop, renewable energy production by heterogeneous catalysis and phtotcatalysis, with lectures delivered by globally renowned speakers at UCL and from Japan.

UCL Materials Hub Workshop 4:  Renewable Fuel Production

Chandler House 118, on Monday, 05 June 2017

13:45-13:50 Opening remarks (Dr Junwang Tang)

Theme 1, Heterogeneous Catalysis (Chair, Prof Gopinathan Sankar)

13:50 -14:40 Design and Construction of Nano-structured Photocatalytic Materials for Solar Fuel Production, Prof Jinhua Ye, National Institute for Materials Science, Japan

14:40-15:05 The Electronic Structure of Photocatalytic Materials, Prof Richard Catlow, Cardiff/UCL

15:05-15:30 Nature-Inspired Process Intensification of Catalytic Systems, Prof Marc-Olivier Coppens, UCL  

15:30-15:55 Plastic Wastes to Liquid Fuel Using Zeolites, Prof Gopinathan Sankar, UCL

15:55-16:25 Panel discussion            

16:25-16:40 Coffee break in Chandler House B01

Theme 2,  Photocatalysis (Chair, Prof Ivan Parkin)

16:40-17:05 Applications of photocatalytic films, Prof Ivan Parkin, UCL

17:05-17:25 Polymer Photocatalysts for Solar Water Splitting, Dr Junwang Tang, UCL 

17:25-17:45 From Structural Design to Efficient Catalysis - A Coupled Simulation and Synthesis Approach, Prof Zheng Xiao Guo, UCL

17:45-18:10: Structure and Dynamics at TiO2-Water Interfaces, Prof Geoff Thornton, UCL

18:10-18:45 Panel discussion 

18:40-18:45 Closing remarks (Dr Junwang Tang)

18:45-19:35 Reception in Chandler House B01