Solar Energy & Advanced Materials Research Group


Microwave Intensified Manufactures of Chemicals



High-throughput synthesis of functional materials has gained much interest due to their widespread use in multidiscipline . Ongoing research focuses mainly on the continuous fabrication of chemicals (polymer, inorganic and composites) by microwave intensified fluidic system and development of applications for these materials in energy, sensing and health sciences.


Ongoing project is  "Nanomaterials synthesis by microwave promoted microfluidic system" funded by the Leverhulme Trust (RPG-2012-582).

  • α-Fe2O3 superstructures and gold nanoparticles can be efficiently fabricated by microwave flow reactor in 6 min and 90 s, respectively.
  • Width × length of the produced particles can be manipulated via applied microwave power, flow rate and precursor concentration.
  • High quality and defect-free 1-2 layer graphene was successfully prepared by a microwave intensified physical method, filed a patent: GB1720494.2.


Selected Publications

Bayazit, M.K., Cao, E., Gavriilidis, A., Tang, J. (2016). A microwave promoted continuous flow approach to self-assembled hierarchical hematite superstructures. GREEN CHEMISTRY, 18 (10), 3057-3065. doi:10.1039/c5gc02245b