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Biomaterial Synthesis by Microwave Chemistry

Biomaterial Synthesis by Microwave Chemistry

Microwave irradiation is an energy efficient approach to facilitate biomaterials. It has been demonstrated to improve the product yields and selectivity compared to conventional heating.

Because of these advantages, we focus on preparing the biomaterials using microwave heating and applying these materials in biomedical area (e.g. drug carriers and bone implants). The morphology and material properties, including porosity, specific surface area and mechanical strength, of the prepared biomaterials will be investigated. 

We use batch and flow reactor (MARS and Discover SP, CEM UK) to synthesise the biomaterials. In addition, the software which connected to the system is available for monitoring the temperature, pressure and power profiles throughout the synthesis process.

MW biomaterial


The project is funded by Public Service Department of Malaysia (JPA). 

  • Fast Synthesis of Polymeric-Calcium Phosphates Composites by Microwave and Application in Biomedicine