HERE NOT HERE. A new semi-permanent documentary artwork made specially for the new UCL Student... more>

Saffron is a documentary portrait of Kasia Pogo who runs the world food shop in Inverness' Victorian... more>

Recruitment gone wrong. In July 2013, a National Security Agency (NSA) recruitment drive held in Wisconsin... more>

Control Room is a generative video work that constantly reformulates archive images held in Aberdeen's Harbour... more>

Apocalypse is a fragrance based on olfactory materials detailed in The Book Of Revelation as it appears in the King... more>

Common era comprises sixteen predictions of the end of the world starting in 1999 with Nostradamus and concluding... more>

Help yourself is a patch bay of thirty-two different self help affirmation audio sessions brought together under a... more>

Another advertisers' announcement is a proposal for a billboard that refers to a series of works by JG Ballard wh... more>

Untitled (balloon work) combines inscribed gold balloons in the gallery with a short video recording the aftermath... more>

A temporary index is an array of decorative counters that mark sites of nuclear waste storage across the world... more>

Stutterer is an instructional artwork – a poetry machine that uses the human genome like a music score to play back a... more>

Voyager (Micromégas) is a large woodblock print transcription of the greetings message sent with the Voyager One probe... more>

Hello World is a special commission for the newly reopening Shrewsbury Art Gallery and Museum. more>

Corruption. Three photographic light boxes each display twelve frames taken from a corrupt video file found online. more>

The First Person is a stream of statements taken from self help websites intercut with a video of a burning house. more>

Broken webcams. Photographic light boxes displaying instants of broken webcams as aesthetic propositions. more>

Six Years of Mondays is a documentary artwork about a man in the Scottish kingdom of Fife who loves the weather. more>

Here is a custom road sign indicating how far it is from itself when pointing at the North or South pole. more>

October is a documentary artwork about the early rise and fall of the global Occupy movement in 2011... more>

More songs of innocence and of experience are a series of karaoke videos that take a fresh look at unsolicited spam emails... more>

Belief is made from information found entirely on the worldwide web. In fifteen minutes, this two-screen installation presents...more>

A live portrait of Tim Berners Lee is a drawing made from two live cameras located on opposite sides of the world... more>

The distance travelled... is a poetic data visualisation of real-time statistics currently at Harris Museum, Preston... more>

BEACON There are three versions of this work: as an online artwork; as a live data projection for gallery installation and... more>

London Wall is a physical manifestation of the invisible city all around us; a simultaneous snapshot of... more>

The Time Machine in alphabetical order is a complete rendition of the 1960's film version of HG Wells Novella re-edited by... more>

The End is a site-specific intervention originally made for our solo exhibition at the Highland Institute of Contemporary... more>

Several Interruptions collages together online videos in which people are seen holding their breath underwater... more>


A Short Film about War is a documentary made entirely from information found on the worldwide web. In ten short minutes.. more>

Horizon is a narrative clock made of images accessed in realtime from webcams in every time zone around the world... more>


Flipped Clock is a modified digital clock display, where each individual digit is rotated by 180 degrees. The result is... more>

Flat Earth is a desktop documentary, which takes the viewer on a seven minute trip around the world so that we encounter... more>


Decorative Newsfeeds (Forest Hill). There are three versions of this work: as a gallery installation & as two semi-permanent... more>

In Unprepared Piano, a Yamaha disklavier grand piano is connected to a database of music MIDI files appropriated... more>


Template Cinema is an online artwork where you can watch simple network movies made out of live information... more>

Short Films about Flying is a networked installation where an open edition of unique cinematic works are automatically... more>


Light from Tomorrow centres on an expedition to The Kingdom of Tonga, where tomorrow’s outdoor light-readings are... more>

In Weather Gauge, numerical weather data from over 150 countries is simultaneously represented in a gallery... more>


Triggerhappy is a gallery installation whose format will be familiar to anyone who has encountered that early arcade... more>

Diminished Seventh. Following the success of Diminished 7th as part of Arts Transpennine 2003, we have reworked this... more>


Telephony allows gallery visitors to dial into a wall based grid of 42 mobile telephones, which in turn begin to call each other... more>

My_Contacts is an unlikely catalogue of alter-egos, namesakes, dead people and celebrities who all share their photographs... more>


Short films about Nothing is the sequel to an older work called Short Films about Flying. It's a networked installation where... more>

Trooper is a short video work where a news report taken from a CNN webcast is both repeated and sped up... more>


Obituary. Having investigated intersections of popular belief, new technologies and surveillance in numerous... more>

Decorative Newsfeeds (Gallery). There are three versions of this work: as a gallery installation & as two semi-permanent... more>


Decorative Newsfeeds (Cambridge). There are three versions of this work: as a gallery installation & as two semi-permanent... more>

CNN Interactive just got more interactive is a specially commissioned gallery installation for Tate Britain's Art Now space... more>


Shopping is a three channel DVD installation, based on a supermarket trolley dash organised by Take a Break Magazine... more>

Driving throuh Las Vegas. A single large scale projection of a daytime drive through the main Strip in Las Vegas provides... more>


London. An recontextualization of a local news broadcast offers a glimpse into a future ravaged by climate change... more>

Google Tea Towels. A beautifully crafted set of four tea towels sporting a series of authentic search engine results returned... more>


Television Fan. A fan and television monitor are placed on plinths in a low lit gallery space. They are at the same level... more>

TV Archaeology. is a simple installation using a burnt television tube and prepared slide projector.The slide projector... more>


Browser Archaeology. A playable re-creation of Atari's arcade classic, where you find yourself trapped in a... more>

Virtual Narcissism. We asked and payed a go-go dancer to dance to his favourite music on a walkman underneath a... more>

Thalamus is a simple user led environment designed for DATA projection into a gallery space where the user... more>

Ground Control was a group project curated by Beaconsfield in London and Jutempas in Vilnius where artists from UK... more>

Speaking in Tongues is a gallery-based environment examining our relationship with narrative and dataflow invisibly... more>

Signals. Realtime recordings of persons using their mouse are layered ontop of each other, divorced from their original... more>