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The trouble is, he wants me to talk, too, and I just like listening, and watching


Mary Vettise

, 2016, video, 4 mins.

I asked him what it was about and he said, it’s about a guy that realises when he says the word ‘kimota’, he turns into a superhuman. It turns out he was grown in a pod and his memories aren’t even real. Well, this character was grown in a pod and his memories aren’t even real but he has a normal life besides that, a normal life with a normal wife and kids. But he makes his kids supernatural and he has this affair and it all gets very kitchen sink. A kitchen sink drama of an English superhero, you know what I mean, with cups of tea and biscuits and stuff. Domestic vibe to it like Eastenders or something but with a really cool kind of what the fuck I don’t know kind of existential self-doubt… It’s good.

What’s the word ‘kimota’?

It’s atomic backwards.

Oh, ok. I said, as if that explained everything.

It’s a device for him to change state whereas actually he’s middle-aged. He’s 40 something, he’s not very fit or healthy at all, so whenever he changes back to this bloke it’s like a massive wallop. Like ‘urgh’.

Mary Vettise