Slade School of Fine Art



The Slade School of Fine Art offers a wide programme of non-degree Short Courses. The morning, afternoon, evening, weekend and Easter courses, as well as the Summer School, take place in the main Slade building. Courses are taught by practising artists, many of whom studied at the Slade. They are designed to enable students to develop a set of criteria which will enable further possibilities and developments within the wider remit of their own practise after completing the course.

We offer morning, afternoon, evening and weekend courses during the autumn and spring term. There are also two one-week courses at Easter. During the summer, we offer evening short courses of one to three weeks duration as well as the ten week foundation course. There is a lively, creative dialogue between the students and tutors across the different courses.

Since 2015 the Slade has also been offering The London Summer Intensive, an annual four week residency programme for artists in collaboration with Camden Arts Centre. For more information see The London Intensive website.