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Patrick White
Patrick White
Patrick White
Patrick White
Patrick White
Patrick White
Patrick White
Patrick White
Patrick White
Patrick White

Slade School of Fine Art
University College London
Gower Street


2022 - Website

Online audio-visual artwork commissioned by UCL Art Futures

The Ghost Tide
2018 - Thames-Side Gallery

Exhibition at Thameside Gallery, curated by Monika Bobinska and Sarah Sparkes, funded by Arts Council England

2018 - The London Art Fair, Business Design Centre, Islington

Exhibition held by Canal Gallery at the London Art Fair, with works by Claudio Del Sole, James Brooks, DJ Roberts, Patrick White

The Ghost of Harry Mafuji
2016 - Edited And Cut Book, Pen - Canal, 60 De Beauvoir Crescent, London, N1

The Ghost of Harry MafujiCANAL is delighted to present a festive group exhibition featuring small format works in various media, including painting, photography, screenprinting, drawing and sculpture.

Artists taking part in the show include Phil Ashcroft, Jesper Blader, James Brooks, Chowwai Cheung, Dag Erik Due,Michele Fletcher, Rae Hicks, Eleanor Moreton, Kim Noble, Malcolm Opie, Lucinda Oestreicher, Noemi Otamendi, Miroslav Pomichal, DJ Roberts, Valentine Schmidt, Maria Tejada, Finn Thomson, Avis Underwood, Paul Westcombe, Patrick White and many more.

Finite Alphabet
2016 - The Guesthouse, Cork City

Exhibition held as artist-in-residence at The Guesthouse, Cork City, funded by the Cork Artists Collective and Cork City Council

Art Language Location: Atomic Clock (Nuclear Bunker)
2015 - Website, 16mm Film, Video, Webstream, Sign, Photograph - Cambridge Nuclear Bunker, Shire Hall, Cambridge, UK

An artist-run organisation working at the intersection between art, text and place.

I Apologize for the Crudity of this Model
2014 - Installation (furniture, Fabric, Curtain, Camera, Website, 35mm Print, C-type Print, Newspaper, Tv, Books) - Canal, 60 De Beauvoir Crescent, London, N1

I apologize for the crudity of this modelCANAL is delighted to present the first collaboration by Mollie Anna King and Patrick White.

'I apologize for the crudity of this model' refers to a line from the film Back to the Future. The exhibition is a multi-media work, existing online, in print and as a physical and interactive installation within the gallery.

In the BTTF film trilogy the central character, Marty McFly, repeatedly uses photographs of himself, his relatives and friends to indicate the ripple effect of his time travelling activities. Characters begin to disappear from the photograph, indicating that their future or past existence is threatened by present events.

King and White's installation explores this conceit through the interplay of analogue and digital means, including still and moving photographic image, fabric design, publications, television and the internet. Broadly addressing the nature of images and imaging technology, the still and the film, the virtual and the real, fame and physical deterioration, the installation is threaded together by personal and collective histories, and the unlikely union of Michael J Fox and William Morris.

Wycombe Listening
2014 - Audio, 12" Vinyl Record, 1970s Dual CS505-3, Jacket, Insert, Loupe - Wycombe Community Arts Centre, Desborough Road, High Wycombe, UK


Brought In Gobstopper: an Electrostatic Cut-Up
- Conference Presentation 2019/02/16

Brought In Gobstopper: an Electrostatic Cut-Up
- Conference Presentation 2017/06/24

- Internet Publication 2017/08/01

Audio Fundamentals
- Digital Resource , Slade Press , edited by White P 2016/06/01

- Internet Publication

Generative Writing
- Audiovisual Material