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Bright Shadows Point by artist Fiona Curran unveiled at Turing Locke

Bright Shadows Point by artist Fiona Curran unveiled at Turing Locke

A new permanent public art installation, Bright Shadows Point, by artist Fiona Curran has been unveiled at Turing Locke in Eddington, Cambridge.

Commissioned through the Contemporary Art Society for Locke hotels, Bright Shadows Point aims to connect the rich history of Eddington with its progressive future.

Using research undertaken by the Cambridge Archaeological Unit at Cambridge University, Bright Shadows Point explores Eddington’s multi-layered history. Curran has drawn from the archaeological excavations of the site, maps indicating former settlement use and artefacts unearthed which date back several thousand years.

Eddington is named after Sir Arthur Eddington, professor of Astronomy and Experimental Philosophy at Cambridge University in the early part of the 20th century. Further inspiration for Curran's work came from photographs taken by Eddington during a complete solar eclipse in 1919. These images helped to map Einstein’s theory of relativity through capturing the curvature of light from the movement of stars.

The shadows cast by the solar eclipse and the creation of shadows on the landscape – from both the ground level and the aerial perspective – highlight the encounters with the site from multiple perspectives.

 All Photo Credits: Jo Underhill

Posted Friday, 8th October 2021 00:00