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The Field - ASC Gallery

The Field - ASC Gallery

Johanna Baudou, Araminta Blue, Dominique Bradbury, Clementine Bruno Mossot, Angelina Cheng, Jione Choi, Rebecca Connolly, Jazmin Donaldson, Farnaz Gholami, Jonathan Hurry, Zara Idelson, John Izatt-Lowry, Mew Jirasirikul, Yanu Jung, Liam Mertens, Chloe Ong, Monica Perez Vega, Ava Ravich, Paolo Salvador, Jack Sutherland, Orfeo Taguiri and Sarah Tew are showing in The Field, a student-led initiative by Sarah Tew, is showing at ASC Gallery, The Chaplin Centre, Thurlow Street, London SE17 2DG, from 12 January - 2 February 2018. See

Posted Thursday, 4th January 2018 12:56