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London Art in the Jazz Age 1919-1939

The video London Art in the Jazz Age 1919-1939 featuring work by past alumni is online on Dr Caroline Bressey and Dr Gemma Romain (UCL Geography) are examining what art during the inter-war period can tell us about the experience and identities of Black and Asian people at the time. The AHRC-funded project, Drawing over the Colour Line: Geographies of art and cosmopolitan politics in London 1919 - 1939, will result in a freely accessible database of details of the artworks created which represent Black people and those created by Black people based in Britain during this time. The project wants to find any artwork by inter-war period London artists featuring Black or Asian models. Many Slade students at the time would have drawn and painted Black and Asian models, so please get in touch with the organisers if you have any relevant information. The project is holding an open day on 20 October 2012 for people to bring or discuss this artwork. See

Posted Friday, 28th September 2012 16:10