Grey Matter:

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[Interior. With jar, glass.
Vague, as before]
Roughly bent double, unending,
lifting the weight, holds down
the grey cover, at a rough abrupt
join, folds over slowly, touching
but fumbling, as at a lock, the key
misshapen, a darker piece than the
hand first gripped, chewed at one
end, the grey cover now, a coverlet,
tasselled, worn, hardly enough
room, face, lop-sided, with the
mouth ajar, the tongue thickened,
behind lips, teeth, not evident, or
dark if in place, generally crouched,
resting on elbows. And end.




[Interior as before. With
table. Jar, remnants of food.
Chair, broken, but evidence
of use. Candle, as used]

At a room’s end. Grey, as polluted.
Co-joined to a hollow and therein, a
hovel. Or a room made of ship-lap.
With two shadows similar. Not spied
upon. As yet, hopeful, crouched, on
its length, spoon without eyes.