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Platform 1, Bloomsbury Theatre
Platform 1, Bloomsbury Theatre, 2023

Students from across the Slade School of Fine Art, from all years and courses, are invited to take part in Platform 1, a performance programme at the Bloomsbury Theatre, repeated over two evenings. The students are given free rein but are encouraged to relate their proposal to their work in the studio and to see it as an extension of their developing art practice. They negotiate the space, assisted by a dedicated professional technical team. The short solo and group pieces demonstrate a great diversity of attitudes and approaches to performance within a fine art context. The relationship between theatre and art is complex, contentious, and often antagonistic, but this event offers an opportunity to experience working on a stage and enjoying the rich resources of the Bloomsbury Theatre. The students assist and support each other, while working together collaboratively on the event as a whole. 

It has been a biennial event since 2008. This is the latest outing since the disruption caused by the Covid lockdown.


Kash & Germ
Bonds that cannot be broken
A poem + long rope hand-woven from our non-recyclable plastic waste

Ilona Balaga & Adi Gortler
This is Not a Love Song
Performed by Laura Dethloff, Frances Gillard, Vera Majoor and Penn Ryan Music by Gilbert Broid & Ilona Balaga

Louie Thornton
THIS IS NOT live recordings from my gender dysphoria appointment and I DID NOT steal the socks.
Voices include: Fin Atkin, Nasir Bailey, Ja’Mel Ware and Zachary Drucker

Da In Park
The King’s Sacred Mix

Corrine Chan
Summit 1

Lujain Mansour
تدور وتدور يف دوائر 

Corrine Chan
Summit 2

Liangqi Yao

Corrine Chan
Summit 3

Laura Dethloff
Noise 111
With: Ghazal Seidi

Action Guide Organization
Commercial Break
With: Jack Kinsman, Xiya Wang, Yuyue, He, Amber Lu, Liangqi Yao, Blithe Germ, Henry Galano, Corrine Chan, Louie Thornton, Rosie Phillips, Bowen Zhang

Ivan Kashdan

A painting made on the Bloomsbury Theatre paint frame, normally used to make theatrical backdrops


Action Guide Organization

Jiayu Zhang
Chickens and Rabbits
Performed by: Jiayu Zhang, Eloïse Frey & Emily Stroud

Gisele Edwards
Analogue Bodies

Rosie Phillips
Growing Up

Yiwen Li & Samuel Barbier-Flcat

Henry Galano
Chaos Space Opera
3D Printed Costume, VR World and Vocal Performance


Stage Manager: Henry Galano

Platform 1 is overseen by Gary Stevens

Video: Roman Sheppard Dawson

Photography: Wei Xiong

The Bloomsbury Theatre is owned by UCL. UCL funds time in the theatre for student groups and academic departments in order for them to put on shows and academic events.

Head of Public Venues: John Maisey
Commercial Hire and Bookings Manager (Bloomsbury Theatre, Studio, Paintframe and UCL Museums): Ellen Frost
Front of House Manager: Joan Coffey
Ticketing Manager: Echina Emodi-Okechukwu 
Technical Manager: Julian Brooks
Technician: Jason Bozzard
Technician: Malhar Kawre
Technician: Chris Hoyle