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UV Map
UV Map, Clémentine Bedos

©the artist

Wednesday 24 January, 5 - 6pm
Cruciform Building UCL, Lecture Theatre 1, London WC1E 6BT
FREE, book via Eventbrite

This talk will take place in darkness to support us in reclaiming internal visuality as a site of emancipation and bliss.

Clémentine Bedos is a London-based transdisciplinary artist. Their research-led practice explores the interrelated phenomena of mind, body, and consciousness within our present hegemonic modes of identity. Through community building, collaborative experimentation, and site-specific performances, Clémentine weaves together diasporic holistic technologies and emerging immersive technologies as a creolised form of resistance. Using this mixed apparatus, they aim to decolonise our relationship with images; an invitation to turn the gaze inward and delve into the body — divine instrument of perception and karmic archive — to reclaim ancestral knowledges and sow the seeds of life-enhancing futures.

Recent projects and performances include ‘Loving Fugitives, Runaway Images’ at Van Gogh House (London, 2023); ‘Metamorph’ at Goldsmiths CCA (London, 2023); ‘Burnt Shadow’ at Copperfield Gallery (London, 2023); ‘Your Rage is Sacred (maa)’ at Goldsmiths SONICS Immersive Media Labs (London, 2023); ‘hemi-sync of the heart’ at Acall Festival (London, 2023).

PLEASE NOTE: This talk may contain traces of blood, body parts, cremation grounds, rage, cosmic orgasms as well as sexual, class, and racial violence.