Junko Otake
Historical¬ÝSpeech; Martin Luther King 28.08.1963/ Adolf Hitler 1934 Hirohito (Emperor Showa) 15.08.1945 / Mahatma Gandhi 17.10.1931/ Diana Frances Spencer 09.08.1993, Mixed Media / Sound Installation, loop, 2009
All words were removed from five iconic speeches by converting with the MIDI programme to instrumental sounds. The instruments were chosen from my impression of each speaker's character, the narratives and the quality of the voice. As a result, the audio sounds from the historical speeches represent the nonverbal expressions which lie behind the words. Music scores were also created from these sounds. A music score is not only musical notation, it is also a form of language which in 'Historical Speech' also helped to show visually the nonverbal expression inherent in the utterance.
Slade School of Fine Art In Term Show,¬ÝSlade research center, London

Junko Otake

Junko Otake
At the HIV conference by Diana Frances Spencer (Princess Diana), 09.08.1993, performance, 17 minutes, 2010
Otake converted Princess Diana's speech to MIDI sound/score, removed the all words from the speech. Matthew recomposed the music, performing the new version live.
Off The Shelf, UCL, London

Junko Otake
31/2 days diary of I, screen print, 297 x 420 mm, 2009
The sentences were printed in black ink and the letter '1' embossed in gold. In this practice, I am examining how sentences show a range of interpretations.

Junko Otake
Painting sound; Flying Geese and Full Moon, mixed media installation, 01:13 mins, 2009
Translations of images into sounds using piano roll which was punched according to the image of the painting and then played with a self-playing piano: a Pianola.
Sequel, UCL gallery Strang / Slade collaboration project
UCL, Strang gallery, London