A Printed Confession, performance, 6 minutes, 2009

Natasha Bailey
Memorial Plaque from the series Set Free on this Spot, copper, A5, 2010

Natasha Bailey
The image of solid colour please put: Bournemouth from the series Set Free on this Spot, matte wall paint, size variable, 2010

Dear Bournemouth,

How I love your ocean views. I can only imagine what your sand feels like between my toes, but alas it is too cold out to take my boots off. You get so pummeled by the waves. They crash onto your shore and you barely take notice. The only sound you make is so quiet, that I feel you make it for my ears only. It sounds like billions of little pebbles hitting and rolling together like rain on a car windshield. The waves hit you and each grain of sand move together as one entity mimicking the waters movements. Your movements as fluid as the ocean. There are dunes that you created with the help from the ocean and the wind. These dunes protect everything behind them. How thoughtful of you to take such an interest in everyone else who call this home too. You make sure that the water doesn't get too close. You seem to fit into your surroundings. Always trying to go with the flow. So cool and unflappable, not much can disrupt you. You know how desirable you are yet you never boast. You know that everyone loves you, covets you, worships your presence. You represent calm, relaxation, tranquility but most importantly you represent a geological history. You are millions of years old and still growing. Not only are you part of the Earth's history, you have now become apart of my own history and for that I will always remember you.

Sincerely and forever yours

Bournemouth from the series Set Free on this Spot, ink on paper, A4, 2010