Short courses


Bespoke courses and custom executive education

We can work with your organisation to design and build customised programmes and courses from scratch.

Create a bespoke programme

The bespoke short courses team at UCL Consultants will work alongside you to design and deliver a programme matched to your requirements.

Drawing on world-leading expertise from across UCL, they’ll help you equip your teams with the new perspectives and skills they need to keep your organisation moving ahead.

Contact the team at 020 7679 9796 or info@uclconsultants.com

Find out more about this service by visiting the UCL Consultants website.

Tailor an existing course for your organisation

Some of the courses listed on this site can be delivered in-house and tailored to your organisation on request.

If you're interested in tailoring a specific course to your needs, contact the person named under 'Contact information' on the course description page.

Alternatively, speak to the bespoke short courses team at UCL Consultants to discuss your organisation's needs for in-house courses more generally.