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Ida R.Ahmad, Deborah Cane, Joyce Townsend, Cristian Triana, Luca Mazzei, Katherine Curran, Are we overestimating the permanence of cellulose triacetate cinematographic films? A mathematical model for the vinegar syndrome, Polymer Degradation and Stability (2019)


L. Arcidiacono, A. Parmentier, G. Festa, M. Martinón-Torres, C. Andreani, R. Senesi, Validation of a new data-analysis software for multiple-peak analysis of γ spectra at ISIS pulsed Neutron and Muon Source, Nuclear Instruments and Methods in Physics Research Section A, Accelerators, Spectrometers, Detectors and Associated Equipment 938 (2019) 51-55

G. Festa, T. Minniti, L. Arcidiacono, M. Borla, D. Di Martino, F. Facchetti, E. Ferraris, V. Turina, W. Kockelmann, J. Kelleher, R. Senesi, C. Greco, C. Andreani, Egyptian grave goods of Kha and Merit studied by neutron and gamma techniques, Angewandte Chemie 57 (2018) 7375-7379

Kun V. Tian, Giulia Festa, László Szentmiklósi, Boglárka Maróti, Laura Arcidiacono, Giuseppina Laganà, Carla Andreani, Silvia Licoccia, Roberto Senesi, Paola Cozza, Compositional studies of functional orthodontic archwires using prompt-gamma activation analysis at a pulsed neutron source vs. a cold neutron source, Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectroscopy 7 (2017) 1420-1427 

C. Andreani, F. Aliotta, L. Arcidiacono, M. Borla, E. P. Cippo, D. Di Martino, F. Facchetti, E. Ferraris, G. Festa, G. Gorini, W. Kockelmann, J. Kelleher, D. Malfitana, D. Micieli, T. Minniti, V. Mollica Nardo, R. Ponterio, G. Salvato, R. Senesi, V. Turina, C. Vasi and C. Greco, A neutron study of sealed pottery from the gravegoods of Kha and Merit, Journal of Analytical Atomic Spectroscopy 21 (2017) 1342-1347

Matthew Krzystyniak, Giovanni Romanelli, Margit Fabian, Matthias Gutmann, Giulia Festa, Laura Arcidiacono, Martyn Gigg, Kacper Dru_zbicki, Carla Andreani, Roberto Senesi, and Felix Fernandez-Alonso, VESUVIO+: A Testbed for a Next-Generation Epithermal Neutron Spectrometer, Journal of Physics: conference series 1021 (2017)

G. Festa, C. Andreani, L. Arcidiacono, G. Burca, W. Kockelmann, T. Minniti, R. Senesi, Characterisation of gamma-ray background at IMAT beamline of ISIS Spallation Neutron Source, Journal of Instrumentation 12 (2017) 

G. Festa, L. Arcidiacono, A. Pappalardo, T. Minniti, C. Cazzaniga, A. Scherillo, C. Andreani, R. Senesi, Isotope identification capabilities using time resolved prompt gamma emission from epithermal neutrons, Journal of Instrumentation 11 (2016) 
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Bembibre, Cecilia, M. Strlič, Smell of heritage: A framework for the identification, analysis and archival of historic odours, Heritage Science 5:2 (2017)

Bembibre Jacobo, C; Barratt, S; Vera, L; Strlič, M, Smelling the past: a case study for identification, analysis and archival of historic pot-pourri as a heritage smell, in Bridgland, J, (ed.) ICOM-CC 18th Triennial Conference Preprints (2017)


Alexandra Bridarolli, Marianne Odlyha, Genoveva Burca, John C. Duncan, Freddie A. Akeroyd, Andie Church, Laurent Bozec. Controlled Environment Neutron Radiography of Moisture Sorption/Desorption in Nanocellulose-Treated Cotton Painting Canvases, ACS Applied Polymer Materials (2021)

Bridarolli, Alexandra & Odlyha, Marianne & Nechyporchuk, Oleksandr & Holmberg, Krister & Ruiz-Recasens, Cristina & Bordes, Romain & Bozec, Laurent, Evaluation of the Adhesion and Performance of Natural Consolidants for Cotton Canvas Conservation, ACS Applied Materials & Interfaces (2018)

Nechyporchuk, Oleksandr & Kolman, Krzysztof & Bridarolli, Alexandra & Odlyha, Marianne & Bozec, Laurent & Oriola-Folch, Marta & Francés, Gema & Persson, Michael & Holmberg, Krister & Bordes, Romain, On the potential of using nanocellulose for consolidation of painting canvases, Carbohydrate Polymers, 194 (2018) 161–169

Bridarolli, Alexandra & Nechyporchuk, Oleksandr & Odlyha, Marianne & Oriola-Folch, Marta & Bordes, Romain & Holmberg, Krister & Anders, Manfred & Chevalier, Aurelia & Bozec, Laurent, Nanocellulose-based Materials for the Reinforcement of Modern Canvas-supported Paintings, Studies in Conservation 63 (2018) 332-334

Bridarolli, Alexandra & Atak, Sefkan & Herm, Christoph, Analysis of Wilhelm Ostwald’s ‘‘Colour Organ’’ with Raman microspectroscopy (2017)


 Rosie Brigham and Josep Grau-Bové.  Chapter 8: Citizen science in sustainable heritage conservation. Routledge Handbook of Sustainable Heritage (2022)

Brigham, Rosie & Grau-Bove, Josep & Rudnicka, Anna & Cassar, May & Strlic, Matija, Crowdsourcing as an Analytical Method: Metrology of Smartphone Measurements in Heritage Science, Angewandte Chemie 130 (2018), 7545-7549


Natalie Brown, Floriana Coppola, Alberto Modelli, Floriana Amicucci, Dirk Lichtblau, Matija Strlič (2020) Non-destructive collection survey of the historical Classense Library. Part I: Paper characterisationHeritage Science (2020) 8:88

Floriana Coppola, Natalie Brown, Floriana Amicucci, Matija Strlič, Alberto Modelli (2020) Non-destructive collection survey of the historical Classense Library. Part II: Conservation scenarios Heritage Science (2020) 8:89

Natalie Brown, Dirk Lichtblau, Tom Fearn and Matija Strlič, Characterisation of 19th and 20th century Chinese paper, Heritage Science 5:47 (2017) 


 Browne, Dáire., Peverall, Robert., Ritchie, Grant A. D and Viles, Heather A. (2022). Determining Water Transport Kinetics in Limestone by Dual-Wavelength Cavity Ring-Down Spectroscopy. Analytical Chemistry 94(7): 3126-3134
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C. Coon, Carolien, B. Pretzel, T. Lomax, M. Strlič, Preserving Rapid Prototypes: A Review, Heritage Science 4:40 (2016) 


Crabb, Nicholas., Carey, Chris., Howard, Andy J., Jackson, Robin., Burnside, Niall and Brolly, Matthew (2022). Modelling geoarchaeological resources in temperate alluvial environments: The capability of higher resolution satellite remote sensing techniques. Journal of Archaeological Science 141: 105576
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Simoní Da Ros, Abil E. Aliev, Isabella del Gaudio, Rose King, Anna Pokorska, Mark Kearney, Katherine Curran, Characterising plasticised cellulose acetate-based historic artefacts by NMR spectroscopy: a new approach for quantifying the degree of substitution and diethyl phthalate contents, Polymer Degradation and Stability (2020)   


Cristina Duran-Casablancas, Marc Holtman, Matija Strlič,  & Josep Grau-Bové, The end of the reading room? Simulating the impact of digitisation on the physical access of archival collections, tandfonline.com (2022)

Cristina Duran-Casablancas, Matija Strlič, Gabriëlle Beentjes, Gerrit de Bruin, Jaap van der Burg & Josep Grau-Bové, A Comparison of Preservation Management Strategies for Paper CollectionsStudies in Conservation 2020

Cristina Duran-Casablancas, Josep Grau-Bové, Tom Fearn and Matija Strlič, Accumulation of wear and tear in archival and library collections. Part I: exploring the concepts of reliability and epidemiology, Heritage Science 7:10 (2019)

Cristina Duran-Casablancas, Josep Grau-Bové, Tom Fearn and Matija Strlič, Accumulation of wear and tear in archival and library collections. Part II: an epidemiological study, Heritage Science 2019 7:11 

Duran C, Grau-Bove J, Fearn T, Strlič M. Data mining in collections: from epidemiology to demography. Preprints 18th ICOM Committee for Conservation Triennial Conference, 4-8 September 2017, Copenhagen.  
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Morena Ferreira, Josep Grau-Bove, Luca Mazzei, Nigel Blades, Tobit Curteis, Hector Altamirano & Jane Faull, The Influence of Water Activity and Air Movement in Preventing Mould in Historic Materials, Studies in Conservation, 63:sup1 (2018) 348-350

 Ferreira, Morena., Grau-Bove, Josep., Altamirano, Hector and Blades, Nigel (2022). The causes of air movement in hidden indoor micro-environments: measurements in historic bookshelves. UCL Open: Environment Preprint


Fusade, L., Orr, S.A., Wood, C., O'Dowd, M. and Viles, H.A., Drying response of lime-mortar joints in granite masonry after an intense rainfall and after repointing, Heritage Science 7:38 (2019)

Fusade, L., Viles, H., Wood, C. and Burns, C., The effect of wood ash on the properties and durability of lime mortar for repointing damp historic buildings, Construction and Building Materials 212 (2019) 500-513

Fusade, L. and Viles, H., A comparison of standard and realistic curing conditions of natural hydraulic lime repointing mortar for damp masonry: impact on laboratory, Journal of Cultural Heritage 37 (2018) 82-93
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Patricia Sanmartín, Richard Grove, Rafael Carballeira, Heather Viles, Impact of colour on the bioreceptivity of granite to the green alga Apatococcus lobatus: Laboratory and field testing, Science of The Total Environment 745 (2020)  

Grove, R., Pim, J.E., Serrano, M., Cidrás, D., Viles, H. and Sanmartin, P., Pastoral Stone Enclosures as Biological Cultural Heritage: Galician and Cornish Examples of Community Conservation, Land 2020 9(1). 
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Higham, R., & Carey, C., The Durrington Walls Sarsen Burial relocated and reconsidered, Wiltshire Archaeological and Natural History Society 112 (2019) 74-84

Carey, C. & Higham, R., Multiple identities in the Beaker period: interpreting inhumations out of the Beaker spotlight in southern England, Archaeological Journal 177:1 (2019) 1-30


Hodgson, Sarah & Hunt, Sarah & Sørensen, Thomas & Thompson, Amber & Reynolds, Emily & Faulkner, Stephen & Goodwin, Andrew,  Anomalous Thermal Expansion and Luminescence Thermochromism in Silver(I) Dicyanamide: Anomalous Thermal Expansion and Luminescence Thermochromism in Silver(I) Dicyanamide, European Journal of Inorganic Chemistry (2016) 
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Jones, C; Duffy, C; Gibson, A; Terras, M; (2020) Understanding Multispectral Imaging of Cultural Heritage: Determining Best Practice in MSI Analysis of Historical Artefacts. Journal of Cultural Heritage 45 339-350

Jones, C., Christens-Barry, W.A., Terras, M., Toth, M.B., Gibson, A. (2019). Affine registration of multispectral images of historical documents for optimized feature recoveryDigital Scholarship in the Humanities, doi:10.1093/llc/fqz054

Adam Gibson, Kathryn E. Piquette, Uwe Bergmann, William Christens-Barry, Graham Davis, Marco Endrizzi, Shuting Fan, Sina Farsiu, Anthony Fitzgerald, Jennifer Griffiths, Cerys Jones, Guorong Li, Phillip L. Manning, Charlotte Maughan Jones, Roberta Mazza, David Mills, An assessment of multimodal imaging of subsurface text in mummy cartonnage using surrogate papyrus phantoms, Heritage Science 6:7 (2018)
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Kearney, Mark & Parkin, Ivan & Townsend, Joyce & Hidalgo, Manuel & Curran, Katherine, Characterisation of VOCs Surrounding Naum Gabo’s Construction in Space ‘Two Cones ’, (Tate) by in situ SPME GC-MS Monitoring, Studies in Conservation 63 (2018) 369-371 

Konstantinidou, Konstantina & Strekopytov, Stanislav & Humphreys-Williams, Emma & Kearney, Mark, Identification of cellulose nitrate X-ray film for the purpose of conservation: Organic elemental analysis, Studies in Conservation 62 (2017) 24-32

M.Kearney, J.H.Townsend, I. P.Parkin, M.Hidalgo, K.Curran, Factors affecting the practicality of solid-phase microextraction VOC analysis of artworks featuring polymeric materials in open environmentsMicrochemical Journal 155 (2020) 104711 

Simoní Da Ros, Abil E. Aliev, Isabella del Gaudio, Rose King, Anna Pokorska, Mark Kearney, Katherine Curran, Characterising plasticised cellulose acetate-based historic artefacts by NMR spectroscopy: a new approach for quantifying the degree of substitution and diethyl phthalate contents, Polymer Degradation and Stability (2020)    


King, R., Grau-Bové, J. & Curran, K. Plasticiser loss in heritage collections: its prevalence, cause, effect, and methods for analysisHeritage Science 8, 123 (2020) 

Simoní Da Ros, Abil E. Aliev, Isabella del Gaudio, Rose King, Anna Pokorska, Mark Kearney, Katherine Curran, Characterising plasticised cellulose acetate-based historic artefacts by NMR spectroscopy: a new approach for quantifying the degree of substitution and diethyl phthalate contents, Polymer Degradation and Stability (2020)   
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Liu, Yun, Irena Kralj Cigić, and Matija Strlič., Kinetics of accelerated degradation of historic iron gall ink-containing paper, Polymer Degradation and Stability 142 (2017) 255-262 

 Liu, Yun., Tom Fearn, Matija Strlic. (2021). Factorial experimentation on photodegradation of historical paper by polychromatic visible radiation. Heritage Science 9(1): 130.

 Liu, Yun., Fearn, Tom. and Strlič, Matija. (2021). Quantitative NIR spectroscopy for determination of degree of polymerisation of historical paper. Chemometrics and Intelligent Laboratory Systems 214: 104337.

Liu, Yun., Tom Fearn, Matija Strlic. (2021). Spectral sensitivity of the discoloration of Historical rag paper. Talanta Open 4: 100058.
Liu, Yun., Tom Fearn, Matija Strlic. (2022). Photodegradation of iron gall ink affected by oxygen, humidity and visible radiation. Dyes and Pigments 198: 109947.


Luo, Y., Cigić, I.K., Wei, Q. et al. Characterisation and durability of contemporary unsized Xuan paper, Cellulose (2020) 

 Luo, Yujia., Cigić, Irena Kralj., Wei, Quan, and Strlič, Matija. (2021). Characterisation and durability of contemporary unsized Xuan paper. Cellulose 28(2): 1011-1023.
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Mahgoub, Hend, T. Bardon, D. Lichtblau, T. Fearn, M. Strlič, Material Properties of Islamic Paper, Heritage Science 4:34 (2016)  

Zidan, Eman & Mosca, Sara & Bellei, Sara & Frizzi, T. & Gironda, Michele & El-Rifai, Ibrahim & Mahgoub, Hend & Sadik, Sabah & Rashed, Mohamed & Osticioli, Iacopo & Siano, Salvatore & Valentini, Gianluca & Elnaggar, Abdelrazek & Nevin, Austin & Comelli, Daniela, In situ imaging, elemental and molecular spectroscopy for the analysis of the construction and painting of a Late Period coffin at the Egyptian Museum of Cairo, Measurement 118 (2017)


Ian Maybury, David Howell, Melissa Terras, Heather Viles, Comparing the effectiveness of hyperspectral imaging and Raman spectroscopy: a case study on Armenian manuscripts, Heritage Science 6:42 (2018)


Martin Michette, Heather Viles, Constantina Vlachou-Mogire & Ian Angus, Assessing the Long-term Success of Reigate Stone Conservation at Hampton Court Palace and the Tower of London, Studies in Conservation (2020)

Michette, Martin & Bichlmair, Stefan & Kilian, Ralf, Diagnosing Decay Mechanisms at the Porta Nocera Necropolis, Pompeii: The First Step Towards Effective Preventive Conservation, Studies in Conservation 63 (2018) 195-202.

Michette, M., Lorenz, R. and Ziegert, C, Clay barriers for protecting historic buildings from ground moisture intrusion, Heritage Science, 5:31 (2017) 1-11

Michette, Martin,. Viles, Heather., Vlachou, Constantina and Angus, Ian. (2021). In Situ, Non-Destructive Testing for Evaluating the Role of Pointing Mortar in Preventive Conservation Strategies. A Case-Study on Reigate Stone at the Wardrobe Tower, Tower of London. Minerals 11(4): 345.

Michette, Martin. (2021). Integrating non-destructive techniques into the scientifically robust assessment of vulnerable historic masonry: Case studies on Reigate Stone. Journal of Building Survey, Appraisal & Valuation 10(3): 242-256.


Fouseki, K.; Newton, D.; Murillo Camacho, K.S.; Nandi, S.; Koukou, T. (2020). Energy Efficiency, Thermal Comfort, and Heritage Conservation in Residential Historic Buildings as Dynamic and Systemic Socio-Cultural Practices. Atmosphere 2020, 11, 604.

Murillo, K. S., Fouseki, K. and Altamirano, H. (2021) A sociotechnical approach to users’ heritage values and decision-making processes for energy efficiency and thermal comfort in heritage buildings: A pilot study in Mexico City, IOP Conference Series: Earth and Environmental Science, 863(1), p. 012031. doi: 10.1088/1755-1315/863/1/012031.

Camacho, Krisangella Sofía Murillo, Fouseki, Kalliopi and Altamirano, Hector. (2022). Decision-Making Processes of Residents in Preservation, Thermal Comfort, and Energy Efficiency in Heritage Buildings: A Pilot Study in Mexico City. Applied Sciences 12(3): 1486.

Camacho, Krisangella Sofía Murillo, Fouseki, Kalliopi and Altamirano, Hector. Chapter 21: Balancing heritage values, thermal comfort and energy efficiency in world heritage sites. Routledge Handbook of Sustainable Heritage (2022)
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Naldzhiev, D; Mumovic, D; Strlic, M, Systematic evaluation of 1,2-dichloropropane emissions from do-it-yourself spray foam insulation productsin Building and Environment, Volume 207, Part B, January 2022, 108439

Scientific Advisory Group for Emergencies (SAGE), Environmental Working Group, SPI-B/EMG: MHCLG Housing Impacts Paper - 10 September 2020

CIBSE, TM61-64 Operational Performance of Buildings (2020)

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Naldzhiev, Dzhordzhio & Group, CIBSE, Breathe Easy -Volatile Organic Compounds (2019) Technical report

Naldzhiev, D; Mumovic, D; Strlic, M, Method development for measuring volatile organic compound (VOC) emission rates from spray foam insulation (SPF) and their interrelationship with indoor air quality (IAQ), human health and ventilation strategies, in Proceedings of the 38th AIVC Conference, 2017 - Ventilating healthy low-energy buildings. AIVC: Nottingham, UK (2017)


Miljanić, Snežana & Kenđel, Adriana & Novak, Morana & Deliqeorqiev, Todor & Crnolatac, Ivo & Piantanida, Ivo & Chis, Vasile, Distinguishing binding modes of a new phosphonium dye with DNA by surface-enhanced Raman spectroscopy, RSC Advances 6 (2016) 41927-41936 
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Orr, S.A., et al., Moisture monitoring of stone masonry: A comparison of microwave and radar on a granite wall and a sandstone towerJournal of Cultural Heritage, 2020. 41: p. 61-73.  

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Maravelakis, E., Giannioti, G., Psalti, A., Tsakoumaki, A., Pocobelli, D. P., Xinogalos, M., Galanakis, D., Bilalis N., and Stavroulakis, G.: “3d Modelling & Analysis Techniques for the Apollo Temple in Delphi”, Proceedings of 3rd International Conference TMM-CH: Transdisciplinary Multispectral Modelling and Cooperation for the Preservation of Cultural Heritage – Recapturing the World in Conflict through Culture promoting mutual understanding and Peace (2023). Accepted for publication

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Pocobelli, D. P., Boehm, J., Bryan, P., Still, J., and Grau-Bové, J.:“ BIM in heritage buildings: A Dynamo algorithm to represent moisture variation in historic façades”, Modelli e Soluzioni per la digitalizzazione (2019), Collana 3D Modeling & BIM, DEI (Rome). ISBN: 978.88.496.1942.3
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PORTONI, FABIANA (aligned student)

Fabiana Portoni, Josep Grau-Bové and Matija Strlič, Application of a non-invasive, non-destructive technique to quantify naphthalene emission rates from museum objects, Heritage Science 7:58 (2019) 
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Chapter 10: Heritage conservation as a social process: Assessing social impacts of participatory cultural heritage conservation. Routledge Handbook of Sustainable Heritage (2022)
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