SEAHA Centre for Doctoral Training


Yujia Luo

PhD student, University College London

Project Title 

Scientific understanding of 19-20C Tibetan manuscript culture in the context of Asian paper making.

Background & Summary of Project

This project aims to explore Tibetan papermaking technology change, and material composition of Tibetan paper, including obscure raw material and papermaking process. Furthermore, investigation of Tibetan paper durability for exploring of sustainable storage condition is also an urgent need especially facing with such a mass of Tibetan paper collection. We will investigate how Tibetan papermaking responded to the changes from manual to the industrialised way in the first truly globalized industry and more specifically Asian industry of making paper. 



Luo, Y., Cigić, I.K., Wei, Q. et al. Characterisation and durability of contemporary unsized Xuan paper, Cellulose (2020) 
Luo, Yujia., Cigić, Irena Kralj., Wei, Quan, and Strlič, Matija. (2021). "Characterisation and durability of contemporary unsized Xuan paper." Cellulose 28(2): 1011-1023.