SEAHA Centre for Doctoral Training


Nicholas Crabb

PhD student, University of Brighton

Project Title 

Evaluating contemporary digital technologies of the reconstruction and mapping of archaeology resources

Background & Summary of Project

The recent emergence and availability of sUAS mounted multispectral sensors, and advancements in spaceborne capabilities through hyperspectral and radar analysis, presents new possibilities for developing an increased understanding of subsurface sediment architectures within complex geomorphological areas, allowing predictions to be made of their archaeological potential. In order to assess the capability of these techniques, this project will capture high resolution, large volume data within the alluvial valleys of the Rivers Lugg and Wye, in the UK. Variation in spectral responses of different valley components will be analysed, and modelled interpretations will be tested through ground-based sediment sampling. It will consider the potential of an integrated and holistic approach and develop specific data collection protocols for deployment of these approaches. 



Crabb, Nicholas., Carey, Chris., Howard, Andy J., Jackson, Robin., Burnside, Niall and Brolly, Matthew (2022). "Modelling geoarchaeological resources in temperate alluvial environments: The capability of higher resolution satellite remote sensing techniques." Journal of Archaeological Science 141: 105576.