SEAHA Centre for Doctoral Training


Morena Ferreira

PhD student, University College London

Project Title 

Micro-environmental control for the mitigation of mould growth in indoor heritage

Background & Summary of Project

Mould causes biodeterioration of historic materials and it is also a health hazard to those in contact with contaminated surfaces. This project explores an alternative strategy to prevent mould development in historic buildings. The aim is to explore the use of air movement to change the water available on the surface of materials (e.g. paper and leather) which enables mould development, thus developing a preventive measure focused on microclimates with high risk of such biodeterioration. The case studies are libraries in National Trust properties. Previously I have worked in conservation of easel and wall paintings and stone monuments..


SEAHA roles 

  • Mobile heritage lab student assistant (since September 2017)
  • Former student board member (2018)


Morena Ferreira, Josep Grau-Bove, Luca Mazzei, Nigel Blades, Tobit Curteis, Hector Altamirano & Jane Faull (2018) The Influence of Water Activity and Air Movement in Preventing Mould in Historic Materials, Studies in Conservation, 63:sup1, 348-350.

Ferreira, Morena., Grau-Bove, Josep., Altamirano, Hector and Blades, Nigel (2022). "The causes of air movement in hidden indoor micro-environments: measurements in historic bookshelves." UCL Open: Environment Preprint.