SEAHA Centre for Doctoral Training


Lucie Fusade

Alumna, University of Oxford

Project Title 

Pointing Mortars for Controlling Driving-Rain Ingress in Damp Towers

Background & Summary of Project

Looking at traditional materials, such as lime mortar, this research aims to design a repair pointing mortar which can mitigate driving-rain ingress to historic buildings. The research focuses on characterising the physical and chemical roles of additives, such as wood ash and crushed stones, in order to enhance the properties of lime mortars.



Fusade, L., Orr, S.A., Wood, C., O'Dowd, M. and Viles, H.A. (2019) Drying response of lime-mortar joints in granite masonry after an intense rainfall and after repointing. Heritage Science, 7(38).

Fusade, L., Viles, H., Wood, C. and Burns, C. (2019). The effect of wood ash on the properties and durability of lime mortar for repointing damp historic buildings. Construction and Building Materials, 212: 500-513.

Fusade, L. and Viles, H. (2018) A comparison of standard and realistic curing conditions of natural hydraulic lime repointing mortar for damp masonry: impact on laboratory. Journal of Cultural Heritage, 37: 82-93.