SEAHA Centre for Doctoral Training


Charlie Willard

PhD student, University College London

Project Title 

3D Hyperspectral Imaging of Heritage

Background & Summary of Project

My background is in mathematics, as a part of my undergraduate degree I spent a year at BAE systems working with hyperspectral image data. Hyperspectral imaging captures information across a large range of the electromagnetic spectrum, which has many advantages over standard imaging techniques when analysing different materials. Many art and heritage surfaces have a three-dimensional structure which makes it challenging for researchers to analyse the object’s surface and discover hidden features within. My research at SEAHA is looking at a new scanning technique to extract high resolution spectral and spatial information using hyperspectral systems.


SEAHA roles 

  • Chair of SEAHA Imaging Group (2018/19)


Charles Willard, A. Gibson, N.Wade, High-resolution visible and infrared imaging for large paintings: a case study of Israel in Egypt by PoynterProceedings Volume 11058, Optics for Arts, Architecture, and Archaeology VII; 110 (2019)