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How to run a mobile heritage science event

26 May 2022

Mobile science can be a new way to reach out to the public to show them how we are preserving heritage. Our video & guide are designed to support engaging the public with science.

Mobile Heritage Lab Toolkit

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Every year thousands of people visit heritage sites across the UK to enjoy the connection with history, the beauty, and the stories. Behind the scenes at most of these sites, museums, and historic buildings, there is science happening to preserve our heritage and help save it from threats like climate change and deterioration so that people can continue to enjoy it for years to come. 

However, much of this science is done behind closed doors and can be seen by the public as inaccessible. It’s important to share with the public this huge effort done by conservation teams and scientists to overcome the potential threats to our heritage.

We’ve created a toolkit to support museums and heritage sites running mobile science engagement events to help bring this science out into the open and to support visitor engagement with science, on-the-ground. Our toolkit covers all the essentials of why you might think about running a mobile heritage science engagement event, what to think about when planning it, and how to build in evaluation. 

Download the toolkit