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Student engagers' blogs inspired by their work in UCL Petrie Museum

10 August 2018

Petrie Museum 067

Two SEAHA Centre for Doctoral Training students, Mark Kearney and Cerys Jones have recently written blogs inspired by their time spent as ‘Student Engagers’ at UCL Museums. Aiming to broaden public engagement with researchers, student engagers are postgraduate students at UCL who share their knowledge and make connections between their own research and the collections at UCL.

Inspired by an Egyptian woven basket in the Petrie Museum of Egyptian Archaeology, Mark blogs about the tradition of weaving which predates pottery. Musing about the mathematical patterns created through weaving, he offers a theory about the ubiquitous geometric patterns imprinted on the pottery displayed around the museum… read Mark’s blog to find out more.


Egyptian woven basket on display at the Petrie Museum UCL that inspired Mark Kearney’s blog.


Also taking the Petrie Museum as inspiration, Cerys Jones explores the fascinating pigment ‘Egyptian blue’ in her blog. Undetectable to the naked eye, this pigment has a special property in that it appears to glow under visible light. Using a multispectral imaging system, Cerys reveals this hidden property in a mummy mask, highlighting the use of Egyptian blue in the head cloth. Find out more about imaging Egyptian artefacts in Cerys’ blog.


Egyptian mummy cartonnage mask from the Petrie Museum illuminated in visible light (left) and captured with an infrared filter (right) demonstrating Egyptian blue pigment on the right. (Photo: Cerys Jones)