SEAHA Centre for Doctoral Training


Student Panos Andrikopoulos teaches lighting design at Brunel University

20 February 2017


Panos Andrikopoulos, PhD student at UCL Institute for Sustainable Heritage, is involved as a lecturer in a lighting design module at the College of Engineering and Physical Sciences at Brunel University. In the course of six 3-hour sessions, 3rd year undergraduate students are given the opportunity to learn and discuss various aspects of lighting design with the lighting design module supported by the Lighting Education Trust.

In his session, given annually, Panos elaborates on the fundamentals of colour vision and human psychology, and explores the practice and principles of illuminating museums with the use of modern technology.

Panos’s SEAHA project looks at the latest advancements in lighting technology that have created new challenges and opportunities, including characterisation of new illuminants: spectrally fine-tuned artwork lighting systems, in terms of colour appearance and preference for the human observer.