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Advancements in Time Series Analysis for Computer Vision: Techniques, Applications, and Challenges

This workshop will focus on the recent time series analysis techniques in various computer vision applications

Time series analysis plays a crucial role in various computer vision applications, including but not limited to action recognition, video surveillance, human behavior understanding, SLAM and video generation. Analysing temporal data in different computer vision applications requires specialised techniques that can capture temporal dependencies, motion dynamics, and spatiotemporal patterns effectively.  

    This seminar will provide an overview of recent advancements in time series analysis techniques tailored for computer vision tasks. It will cover a broad spectrum of advance methodologies along with their strengths and limitations in handling temporal data. Furthermore, the seminar will delve into applications of time series analysis in computer vision, showcasing real-world use cases and success stories across various domains. Attendees will  gain insights into how recent time series analysis techniques address challenges in various computer vision fields, engaging in discussions on potential solutions and future research directions.


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Event info

The event takes place on Tuesday 20 August at Gordon Street 25 (fifth floor), Lecture Theatre, Maths 500, UCL. 

Funding acknowledgement

The workshop is supported by the EPSRC under the program grant EP/S026347/1 (DataSig).


Hao Ni & Lei Jiang (UCL), Xin Zhang (SCUT) and Jingjing Deng (Durham Univerisity)  

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