UCL Institute for Risk and Disaster Reduction


Mater Almehmadi

Post Disaster Waste Management Reducing Human Vulnerability when dealing with Toxic Wastes in Post Disaster Waste Management: The Case of Hurricanes

Natural and man-made disasters as well as conflicts can result in the generation of wastes (solid and liquid), that can not only interfere with public health, but can also negatively impact the environment. The impact on life, the environment and livelihood, can further result in permanent changes on society and the environment. In fact, if the wastes that emanate from disasters and conflict are not managed, they can lead to serious environmental and economic challenges. The burden that is felt at the environmental and economic levels will, in turn, affect reconstruction, living conditions, and the waste collection procedures. As such, it should be noted that the subject of post- disaster waste management is a critical topic that ought to be looked into. This is because the events that follow the occurrence of a disaster can determine the extent to which the affected society members can move on, with minimal hitches on their public health and the environment.