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'Intensity-weighted' results

Times Higher Education has introduced the concept of 'intensity-weighted GPA', that is GPA x % of eligible staff submitted.

The top seven higher education institutions (HEIs) by 'intensity-weighted' GPA


* Institute of Cancer Research

Institution % of eligible staff submitted Overall GPA
GPA (Overall GPA x % of eligible staff submitted)
Institute of Cancer Research
95 3.40 3.25
Cambridge 95 3.33 3.17
Imperial 92 3.36 3.09
UCL 91 3.22 2.94
Bristol 91 3.18 2.90
Oxford 87 3.34 2.90
LSE 85 3.35 2.84

Data source: Times Higher Education, 19 December 2014

Our notably inclusive approach reflects the view of the UCL REF Strategy Committee (in accordance with Excellence and the UCL Community and the UCL Research Strategy) that it would expect most units within a research-intensive university like ours to have a submission rate of at least 90% (with some reasonable exceptions). In particular, UCL had a strong commitment to including early career researchers. Our inclusive approach has resulted in our high ranking in 'intensity-weighted GPA'. 

Figures rounded to two decimal points; calculations based on exact figures.