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UCL holds a wide range of rich and diverse collections in its libraries, museums and galleries.
'A Republican Belle' by Isaac Cruikshank

UCL Art Collections

Over 10,000 works of art across a range of media make up the UCL Art Collections, which originated as a teaching and research collection tied to the history of the Slade School of Art at UCL.

Jeremy Bentham's Auto-Icon, housed in the UCL Student Centre

Bentham’s Auto-Icon

Jeremy Bentham’s Auto-Icon has been at UCL since 1850 and consists of Jeremy Bentham’s skeleton wrapped in padding, wearing his own clothes, and topped with a waxwork head.

Mounted articulated skeleton on branch and wooden base.

Grant Museum of Zoology’s Collection

The Grant Museum of Zoology Collection dates back to 1828 with 68,000 comparative zoological specimens which includes many rare and endangered species.

Case of oesophagus and heart piercing from a sword swallowing accident

Pathology Collections

The Pathology Collections comprises over 6,000 specimens demonstrating the wide range of things that can go wrong with the human body as well as the history of medicine and medical teaching.

Roman period portrait of a woman

Petrie Collection

The Petrie Collection of Egyptian and Sudanese Archaeology represents life and death over thousands of years along the Nile Valley, with over 80,600 objects that include many world firsts and ‘oldests’.

Samples of hair

Science Collections

The Science Collections contain objects from the history of scientific research and teaching at UCL including Chemistry, Electrical Engineering, Eugenics, Physics, Physiology and early prints from the NASA.

George Orwell's National Union of Journalists ID

UCL Special Collections

UCL Special Collections is one of the largest Special Collections in the South of England, comprising over 150,000 rare books and over 600 archive and manuscript collections dating from the medieval period to the present day.