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Fundamentals in Research Funding Management

Find out more about post-award processes through the Fundamentals of Research Funding Management online training course.

Award Services in collaboration with Organisational Development and with input from colleagues in academic departments have developed an online training course in the Fundamentals of Research Funding Management. 

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Once you have completed the course, we would be most grateful for your feedback to help guide the development of future training modules. The feedback form should take no longer than 5 minutes to complete.

About the course

Fundamentals of Research Funding Management is an introductory post-award training course split into four easy digestible interactive units:

  • Setting out the funder landscape
  • Getting started with new awards 
  • Optimising funding in line with funder expectations
  • Managing the unexpected.

The course learning objectives for participants are:

  • Understanding the importance of good research management
  • Recognising when an award has been granted and how to get started
  • Understanding the importance of being familiar with funders’ requirements
  • Understanding how to optimise research income and provide assurance to funders of sound financial management
  • Recognising the importance of the external perspective
  • Recognising risk factors and managing complexity
  • Understanding the importance of active change management. 

The course is aimed at all staff who support externally funded research and innovation projects. Staff who hold these projects will also find this training useful. We encourage all existing relevant staff and new staff to complete the training.