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Regular Review of Active Projects

12 November 2021

Review your projects

External Funders of research expect that as an organisation we are reviewing the financial elements of projects regularly to ensure they are only charged for expenditure which meets their terms of funding.

Staff with responsibilities for research support at UCL should ensure their area of responsibility has sufficient processes in place to comply with the Funder’s expectations and requirements.

The Post Award Management of Externally Funded Research requires active projects to be reviewed by academic departments on a quarterly basis so that any corrections can be made in a timely manner and that rates of expenditure can be accurately monitored to assess the availability of funds to allow full utilisation.  

Academic Department’s regular project reviews should include a detailed transactional examination of the following categories.

  • Equipment
  • Travel and Subsistence Expenses
  • Professional Services/Fees
  • Non-staff expenditure journals
  • Other non-staff costs (consumables, research facility charges, biological services costs, RTSG Expenditure).

Any charges that do not meet the funders expectations must receive prompt attention, and, if needed, corrected by an appropriate transfer.  If you need any assistance with interpreting Funder’s terms and conditions you can contact the Research Finance and Compliance Team in RIS for advice.

To support regularly reviews the following reports can be generated.

Research & DTA with filtersAxiomTo support research budget management at project and task level
Transactions Reports AxiomTo enable full transaction review and identify ineligible or mischarged items
Budget / Expenditure Variation ReportAxiomIdentify awards with material budget/expenditure variation
Equipment Budget No Spend AxiomIdentify awards where budget has been awarded but no spend in X months 
Salary Budget No Spend AxiomIdentify awards where budget has been awarded but no spend in X months