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Wellcome Trust: Updated Terms and Conditions

6 February 2020

The Wellcome Trust have updated their Terms and Conditions with regard to how you manage your grant.


In January 2020, Wellcome updated its terms and conditions with regard to how grant holders and host organisations manage their research projects. If you hold or support a Wellcome project please familiarise yourself with the following changes.

Managing grant budgets

Costs you can move between budget headings and when you need to contact Wellcome for permission in advance.

Wellcome allow small-scale transfers between budget headings without their approval, however you must discuss significant transfers or budget transfers involving staff, animals, equipment and other types of activities in advance with Wellcome.

Parental leave and sick leave

Request for supplements and grant extensions must now be submitted using Wellcome’s new online form by Award Services.

If your grant requires any of the above, contact your Award Services Research Finance Administrator who will support you to inform Wellcome.  

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