Research and Innovation Services


UK Research and Innovation Funding Assurance Review

6 February 2020

UKRI will be visiting UCL on 17 and 18 February to audit our portfolio of research projects.


The UKRI Assurance Team will be auditing UCL’s research portfolio in order to obtain assurances that UCL are managing projects in accordance with both the UKRI terms and conditions of funding and UCL’s own internal policies.

The UKRI have selected 33 projects which they will be reviewing to ensure that UCL have sufficient governance, risk management and controls in place across the organisation. The PIs and Department Managers of the 33 projects selected have been contacted directly.

During the audit UKRI will be looking for assurance that:

  • All expenditure has been incurred and authorised in accordance with the terms and conditions of funding, the original application submitted/subsequently awarded and UCL’s own financial regulations.
  • Project budgets and expenditure is regularly monitored to ensure budgets are managed appropriately.
  • Any significant changes to the project have been communicated to UKRI in accordance with their expectations.

What has changed since the last audit?

Since the last UKRI audit, Research Services have been working hard to provide additional support to project staff and those who support research projects. We have:

  • Created Funder Golden Rules – a quick guide to UKRI funding.
  • In conjunction with FBA, created new Axiom Research Exception Reports to enable Department Managers to conduct risk-based monitoring of projects.
  • Created a Post Award Management of Externally Funded Sponsored Research Policy approved by the Research Operations Committee to ensure consistency of roles and responsibilities across the organisation. 
  • Developed a programme of regular bitesize training events on specific research funding areas.
  • Started a new regular e-newsletter to share knowledge of changes to funder and internal policies.