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Worktribe enhancement process

Find out more about the Worktribe enhancement process at UCL.


The Worktribe Research Management System was implemented in 2016 and enhanced the system by adding further modules in 2017 and 2018 as part of the PAGS Project.

Worktribe is a cloud-based platform providing software as a service (SAAS) to UCL and over 35 other clients in the UK to manage their research activities. 

UCL have procured the Pre-Award, Post-Award, and Contracts Module. Worktribe Ltd. offer other modules as part of the product, however, the procurement of new modules is outside of the scope of this process. 

Worktribe Ltd. offer clients two upgrades per calendar year. As Worktribe is a SAAS system these changes are mandatory for UCL. In addition, the system is auto-patched on a two-weekly cycle for bug fixes.

The bi-annual upgrades offer enhancements designed to improve usability and introduce new functionality in response to HEI section developments or statutory requirements.   

Supplier enhancement requests

The future development of the Worktribe system is controlled by Worktribe Ltd.  Clients cannot request bespoke development, however, clients can suggest enhancements to the product. These suggestions must be raised by the Business Service Owner/System Owner via Worktribe’s client communication platform. Suggestions are voted on by other HEI clients before being reviewed and potentially taken forward in a future release by Worktribe Ltd if they believe the enhancement is of benefit to the integrity of the product.  

UCL internal process

To ensure UCL are involved in future development and to ensure the system continues to evolve in line with our requirement, we require an internal process to ensure we are capturing enhancement suggestions from the user community. 

Enhancement suggestion principles

•    Suggestion must be for the benefit of UCL and not a single area of the organisation.
•    Suggestions should be based on functionality and not change to business processes, these should be discussed with the appropriate business area. 
•    Suggestions should consider how data integrity will be managed.
•    Suggestions should provide rationale as to how this will improve both usability and processes.

Process for suggesting an enhancement


1.    To suggest an enhancement to the Worktribe Research Management System a user should complete the Worktribe Enhancement Suggestion Form and submit the completed form to the Worktribe Support team                                          

2.    Enhancement suggestions will be reviewed by Research and Innovation Services and Information Services Division who will analyse the suggestions against the current functionality and provide comment to either the user or for the Worktribe Operations Board. 

3.    The requests will be logged on the WOB Enhancement list to be discussed at the next Worktribe Operations Board to ascertain if UCL should raise with Worktribe Ltd.    

4.    If the Board agree the request is in the interests of UCL and will not technically impact on service, the suggested enhancement will be raised with Worktribe Ltd by the Business Service Owner, System Owner or Service Owner. 

5.    Due to the nature of the system and enhancement process, a formal update will not be provided. However, the enhancement log will be updated to ensure transparency and in the event Worktribe Ltd. implement the enhancement, this will be communicated to the community.

Enhancement suggestion form