Research and Innovation Portal


About the Portal

The Research and Innovation Portal brings together all available information and guidance for academics and staff involved in the management and delivery of research and innovation projects at UCL.

About the Portal

Information and guidance for research and innovation projects across UCL is structured according to the team that offers the advice or service. This requires academics and professional service staff to know about all the teams, what their remit is and whether they are relevant to your particular project before being able to access the right information.

The Research and Innovation Portal offers access to this information and guidance via an additional route, the Research and Innovation Lifecycle. The Portal does not own the content but instead points you to the right sources of information and subject matter experts depending on your needs and point in your project.

The site is independent of any academic or professional service teams and does not attempt to duplicate local information.

The Portal is managed by UCL Research and Innovation Services.

About the Research and Innovation Lifecycle

The Research and Innovation Lifecycle as used in this site is designed to follow generic research and innovation lifecycle project stages as shown below:

It has been developed in consultation with a broad range of academics and other users to reflect the best view, whilst retaining simplicity and usefulness. The lifecycle itself and the subpages of content are also subject to enhancement and improvement and feedback on the structure and navigation through the site is also welcome.

Due to the diversity of projects at UCL, this lifecycle can only ever be a proxy for the complexity of work undertaken.

Help us improve the Portal

We want to ensure that the Portal meets the needs of our users by making it easier for you to find the information you need to support the development, management and delivery of your research or innovation project. Our aim is to build something that meets both user and business needs.

If you have an idea for a new feature or want to make a suggestion, let us know by completing our feedback form.