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UCLQ Quantum Tech Summer School

Our summer school provides undergraduates a comprehensive introduction to the exciting field of quantum technologies.

The UCLQ Quantum Technologies Summer School

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Aimed at undergraduates with a background in engineering and computer science (but also open to those studying Natural Sciences), the summer school will provide a comprehensive introduction to the exciting field of Quantum Technologies, including quantum computing and quantum communication.

School Programme

For a week in early September students will have the opportunity to attend lectures from leading experts, including:

Fundamentals of quantum mechanics
  • Overview of basic quantum ideas and the ‘language’ of quantum mechanics
  • Introduction to the Schrödinger Equation, Dirac Notation, Operators and Superposition
Quantum computing and qubits
  • Introduction to qubits, Bloch sphere, simple one qubit and two qubit gates and circuits
  • Decoherence, qubit errors and a simple quantum error correction procedure
Quantum algorithms and quantum computing architectures
  • Introduction to quantum computing and algorithms theory and analysis
  • Overview of key quantum algorithms and applications giving provable quantum advantage (Shor's algorithm, Grover's algorithm, Hamiltonian simulation...)
  • Overview of recent heuristic quantum algorithms and applications (QAOA, VQE...)
Quantum cryptography and quantum communication
  • Quantum entanglement; Quantum teleportation
  • Quantum key distribution
  • Certified randomness
Key technology platforms for quantum computers
  • Overview of key quantum computing platforms, including superconducting circuits, trapped ions, semiconductor spin qubits, photonics and cold atoms
  • Summary of key quantum computing hardware developers in the field

Students will also have the chance to work hands-on in quantum technologies, including fabricating nanoscale devices and programming current-generation quantum processors. Additionally, students will be able to meet with UCLQ staff and students and have the opportunity to take part in smaller tutorials in quantum information and quantum technologies.

Dates and Fees

Dates: Monday 7 -  Friday 11 September 2020

Course fees will be fully covered by a grant from EPSRC.

This year our summer school will be online. We have made arrangements to keep the experience as similar to our on-site summer school. However, some of the hands-on experiences will not be available in the same format. 

How to apply

Applications are now closed for the 2020 entry. We will contact applicants on the outcome of their application soon. 

Deadline: 23:59 (BST) Friday 17 July 2020.

To apply please complete our application form. Please include with your application a copy of your CV and a short personal statement (one side of A4) detailing your motivation for attending our summer school.

If you submitted an application for our on-site summer school, we will contact you to confirm if you wish to apply for our online summer school. You will not need to re-apply or resubmit an application.