UCL Quantum Science and Technology Institute


Continuing Professional Development

Develop your knowledge of quantum technologies and get your business quantum ready. Come learn with us!

Progress in quantum technologies is at an exciting stage: finally moving beyond physics laboratories and into the hands of potential users. UCLQ provides Continuing Professional Development(CPD) courses in Quantum Technologies online and in-person. 

Online Courses

UCL’s new online short courses offer the opportunity for learners to get up to speed with the fundamentals of quantum computing, the current state of development, and explore the future of its potential.

Find out more about our online courses: Introduction to Quantum Computing and Comparing Quantum Computers (launches late 2023).

In-person courses

Our three to five day introductory courses have been designed to provide you and your business with an introduction to the fundamental ideas behind quantum technologies and the opportunity to gain some hands-on experience in how to programme quantum processors.

With UCLQ’s bespoke courses, we aim to introduce the language and skills you will need to become a vital collaborator in the sector. We see co-development with well-informed users, like yourself, as essential to achieving the greatest impact for quantum technologies. 

How previous learners have rated our courses:

  • 100 % of learners thought that our courses had challenged their thinking and added value to their technical skills
  • 90 % of learners rated our courses either highly or very highly
  • 80 % of learners are very likely to recommend our courses to a colleague

To guide you into this emerging field we have hand-picked a selection of UCLQ academics and industry specialists to lead our courses. Each speaker will touch upon different elements of quantum technologies: from the different types of quantum computers available, how they function and their potential applications, through to an introduction of the key players and platforms in the sector.

Our courses can be tailored to your business needs and interests, get in touch with us to discuss how we can get your business ready for the quantum revolution. To register your interest for these courses please contact us.