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Quantum Algorithms, Architectures, & Complex Systems

Quantum Algorithms, Architectures and Computation

This area of research aims to understand how best to couple different quantum systems; to develop hybrid quantum systems to link different technologies, such as quantum processors to quantum communication; and to design protocols for quantum communication channels.

One key potential application is the development of means of communicating which are completely impervious to eavesdropping – something of crucial importance both to industry and private users.

Academics Working in this Area



Prof Sougato Boses.bose
Prof Dan Browned.browne
Dr Hubie Chenh.chen (append dcs.bbk.ac.uk)
Prof Peter Coveneyp.coveney
Dr Toby Cubittt.cubitt
Prof Andrew Fisherandrew.fisher
Prof Andrew Greenandrew.green
Dr Roland Guichardr.guichard
Dr Mark Herbsterm.herbster
Dr Alexandra Olaya-Castroa.olaya
Prof Jonathan Oppenheimj.oppenheim
Prof Massimiliamo (Massi) Pontilm.pontil
Dr Ivan Runggerivan.rungger (append npl.co.uk)
Dr Simone Severinis.severini
Dr Marzena Szymanskam.szymanska

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