UCL Quantum Science and Technology Institute


Seminar: Beyond Binary Quantum Information

6 November 2023

Assistant Professor Machiel Blok University of Rochester, USA visits UCL.

Photo of Machiel Blok

HOSTProf. John Morton

SPEAKER: Machiel Blok | Assistant Professor | University of Rochester, USA

TIME & VENUE: Tuesday | 21 November 2023 | 1:00 PM | Medawar Building, Lankester Lecture Theatre G01

TITLE: Beyond Binary Quantum Information: Controlling Multi-Level Artificial Atoms in Superconducting Circuits

ABSTRACT: Encoding quantum information in the higher energy levels of the transmon circuit provides a resource efficient way to control large Hilbert spaces and to execute quantum algorithms at reduced circuit complexity. Building on recent demonstrations of the first ‘qutrit quantum processor’ at UC Berkeley [1,2], here I will discuss our ongoing work at the University of Rochester to explore the transmon spectrum. We demonstrate preparation and readout of Fock states of up to seven microwave photons. Furthermore, we illustrate how the strong Kerr non-linearity of the transmon allows us to implement non-Gaussian operations that are challenging to realise in a linear mode. Finally, we will discuss the prospects of this new platform for bosonic quantum error correction and qubit simulation.

[1] Quantum Information Scrambling in a Superconducting Qutrit Processor M. S. Blok et al PRX  11, (2) 021010 (2021).

[2] Qutrit Randomized Benchmarking A. Morvan et al PRL 126 (21), 210504 (2021).