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3rd Plenary Meeting of IQTN

13 February 2023

Register for the third plenary meeting of the International Quantum Tensor Network.

Photo of hotel from above

Applications are now open for the third plenary meeting of the International Quantum Tensor Network, from 26-28 July at TUM Akademiezentrum Raitenhaslach. This is a joint meeting with the Technical University of Munich (TUM).

There is a £150 registration fee for successful applicants to this meeting; however, the Network will cover 3 nights’ accommodation and reasonable travel expenses, with priority given to those travelling via train (where possible within Europe). Except for UK-based PhD students who, by the rules of the EPSRC, must make alternative funding arrangements. However, there may be independent support available for some UK-based students who normally cannot be funded under the rules of the grant. Online attendance will be free of charge.

Due to restricted capacity at this event, we ask you to apply by 29 March 2023. We will then review all applications and direct successful applicants to the registration portal in early April.

The International Quantum Tensor Network is funded by the UK’s engineering and physical sciences research council (EPSRC) and aims to organise a series of international conferences, workshops and research visits to foster the use of tensor network ideas in quantum software. 

Network Leads: Andrew Daley, Andrew Green, Brendon Lovett, Dieter Jaksch and Zlatko Papic 

Network Partners: Mari Carmen Banuls, Bela Bauer, Bruno Bertini, Natalia Chepiga, Soonwon Choi, Michael Foss-Feig, Juan P. Garrahan, Jonathan Keeling, Peter Kirton, Corinna Kollath, Austen Lamacraft, Frank Pollmann, Andrew C. Potter, Maksym Serbyn, Norbert Schuch, Adam Smith, Frank Verstraete, Guifre Vidal

Apply to attend the meeting