UCL Quantum Science and Technology Institute


PhD Position at The University of New South Wales, Sydney Australia

27 April 2015

The University of New South Wales and the Centre for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology seeks enthusiastic candidates for a PhD position, possibly starting with a Masters internship, in the field of experimental nano electronics. Donors in silicon are now widely considered as prime candidates for quantum computation applications thanks to extraordinary long coherence times [1, 2]. New challenges include the coupling and the addressing of multi-dopant structures. For this purpose, methods for mapping interactions either between discrete dopants, arranged in pairs or chains for instance, or between single dopants and an electron reservoir will be developed. This works paves the way towards a better understanding of qubit coupling in silicon in view of future coherent manipulations.

The CQC2T is a world leader in the development of quantum computation technologies, including a silicon- based platform. Prof. S. Rogge’s group is embedded within the ‘Silicon Qubit Environment and Interface’ Program at the UNSW node of the Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Quantum Computation and Communication Technology. Strong international (Europe, USA) collaborations are maintained with groups on both experimental and theoretical sides.

For further details please contact:
Prof. Sven Rogge (Principal Investigator) s.rogge@unsw.edu.au
Benoit Voisin (Post-doc) benoit.voisin@unsw.edu.au
Juanita Bocquel (Post-doc) j.bocquel@unsw.edu.au
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