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UCL Quantum is recruiting for new PhD students

12 December 2013

UCL Quantum is recruiting for new PhD students

Starting in September 2014, UCL will be taking on PhD students as part of an ambitious new training programme in Quantum Technology. Students will work with world-class staff across the range of UCL departments that work on a broad range of projects related to quantum technologies and their applications.

The programme will build on the breadth of UCL’s research in this field (spanning computer science, quantum physics, and engineering), providing students with a foundation in both theory and experimental methods for quantum technologies, before they embark on their research project.

As breakthroughs in quantum technologies begin to move out of the lab and into industrial applications, students will be uniquely placed to benefit. Staff at UCL have strong links with enterprise and industry, giving students a short-cut directly into the heart of business. UCL’s location in central London means unparalleled access to partner institutions around the world, from multinational companies to top universities. Moreover, the university enjoys first-class laboratory facilities.

Information on funding and other course details will follow shortly, and there will be an open day for the programme in late January.

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Photo caption: The Portico of UCL’s main building. Credit: Mary Hinkley (UCL Creative Media Services)