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QUES2T provides businesses and researchers access to advanced commercial quantum measurement and fabrication facilities.

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At QUES2T businesses and researchers have access to the key infrastructure for the manufacture of high-quality solid-state quantum devices, including thin-film growth and advanced patterning. 

Business and researchers can have access to equipment for micro/nano-fabrication, thin-film growth and low-temperature measurement test-beds. 

QUES2T focuses on three of the most promising solid-state QT platforms to date:

  1. Superconducting circuits: the foundation for the most complex solid-state quantum circuits achieved so far (e.g. Google, IBM, Rigetti, D-wave and UK start-ups like Oxford Quantum Circuits);
  2. Silicon-based nano-devices with the longest-lived solid-state qubits and offering the powerful prospect of CMOS compatibility for large scale manufacture (e.g. Intel and UK start-ups like Quantum Motion); and
  3. Carbon-based devices such as colour-centres in diamond that can be optically addressed, operate up to room temperature and act as atomic scale sensors.

However, our equipment is available for use by a broader scope of technologies. 

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Tools available

Open access to fabrication tools:

  • 100 Kev Electron Beam Lithography (Elionix)
  • Furnace stack for Si devices (Tystar)
  • Rapid thermal processor for Si devices (≤1100°C) 
  • Atomic layer deposition tool (SiO2, Al2O3, ZrO2, HfO2)
  • Si wafer scriber

'Plug-and-play' access to low-temperature test-beds with four closed-cycle dilution refrigerators (≤10 mK base), from Bluefors Cryogenics:

  • Universal Sample Box (USB) system with up to 14 microwave (<20 GHz) lines up to 96 DC lines
  • “XLD400” system with 500mm base plate and six USB docks (for manual, RT fitting)
  • Three “LD400” systems with vector magnets (between 6/1/1T and 3/1/1T) and automatic bottom-loading of USB while cold

If you are interested in accessing the equipment and associated infrastructure Ques2t has available please get in contact.