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UCLQ hosts hackathons throughout the year on various topics, from applications in finance to chemistry.

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Quantum computers have the potential to revolutionise fields such as materials research, drug discovery and finance. Though the research and technology is developing, research groups and industry players are already exploring possible quantum algorithms for applications. Here is your chance to learn about the latest developments in quantum computing and code programs for quantum computers.

UCLQ Quantum Finance Hackathon

With UCLQ's Quantum Finance Hackathon we aim to bring together people from a diverse set of backgrounds, including quantum physics, computer scientists, finance experts, and coders to explore the finance applications of quantum computing.

Working with the Qiskit team from IBM Q, Banco Santander, and the UK Quantum Computation and Simulation Hub (QCS), UCLQ has organised a two-day hackathon that will explore the finance applications for quantum computers. 

Event Information

Thursday 19 - Friday 20 March | UCL BaseKX, London 

Our Qiskit hackathon is open to everyone and free to join! We are looking for students and professionals from all fields to attend. However, prior knowledge in programming with Python is expected and participants will need to bring their own laptops for coding.

Over the course of two days you will work with quantum computers from IBM on a task devised by Banco Santander. 
You and 4 others will form a multidisciplinary team to hack, innovate and explore the problem for 24-hours, before presenting your results. 

During the hackathon:

  • Expert coaches from IBM, UCLQ and Santander will be available to help you and give you tips
  • You will have access to quantum machines from IBM
  • We'll make sure you're well-fed and hydrated to keep you going

Information Booklet

For more information about our hackathon - the agenda, competition rules, and pre-event instructions - read our Hackathon Information Booklet.


Event postponed

In light of the current uncertainty around Covid-19 in the UK and polices regarding travel (for both our sponsors and participants). The organising group for our hackathon has decided to postpone the event.

We aim to host the event later in 2020 (circumstances permitting). Keep in touch for more updates!