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BT and UCL Quantum Comms Focus Week

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BT and UCL's EPSRC Centre for Doctoral Training in Delivering Quantum Technologies, welcome you to a week of seminars and discussions focussing on the developments in quantum communications. Over the week you will hear from industry and academic specialists advancing this area of quantum technologies.


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View the detailed programme with talk abstracts and speaker biographies. Please note that this document will update regularly and will not be available for download until the contents are finalised.

Sessions are approximately one hour in duration. 

Monday 15th February 

Join Session 1 at 11:00:

  • Quantum Technologies and BT | Prof. Andrew Lord (BT)
  • QKD at Adastral and Virtual Tour | Cathy White (BT)
  • Chair: Dr Alejandra Beghelli-Zapata (UCL)

Join Session 2 at 14:00:

  • Quantum Key Distribution Systems | Dr Andrew Shields (Toshiba)
  • Secure Quantum Communications with Untrusted Equipment | Dr Rob Woodward (Toshiba)
  • Chair: Prof. Paul Warburton (UCL)

Tuesday 16th February 

Join Session 3 at 11:00:

  • BT's converged multiservice core network and transmission technologies | Dr Nigel Walker (BT)
  • Chair: Dr Alissa Silva (UCL)

Join Session 4 at 14:00: 

  • Adrian Wonfor (University of Cambridge)
  • Chair: Dr Alejandra Beghelli-Zapata (UCL)

Wednesday 17th February

Join Session 5 at 11:00:

  • Security assurance of QKD systems | Dr Anthony Vaquero-Stainer (NPL)
  • Chair: Dr Lluis Masanes (UCL)

Join Session 6 at 14:00:

  • Formal Verification of Quantum Systems | Prof. Raja Nagarajan (Middlesex University London)
  • Chair: Dr Lluis Masanes (UCL)

Join Session 7 at 16:00:

  • Quantum communication beyond quantum key distribution | Prof. Erika Andersson (Heriot-Watt University)
  • Chair: Dr Alissa Silva (UCL)

Thursday 18th February 

Join Session 8 at 11:00:

  • Quantum Coherent Communication | Dr Rupesh Kumar (University of York)
  • Chair: Prof. Dan Browne (UCL)

Join Session 9 at 1400:

  • Towards device-independent randomness amplification | Sherilyn Wright (Cambridge Quantum Computing)
  • Chair: Dr Alissa Silva (UCL)

Join Session 9b at 1600:

  • Quantum discord as a resource for QKD | Adam Walton and Prof. Ben Varcoe (University of Leeds)
  • Chair: Dr Lluis Masanes (UCL)

Friday 19th February

Join Session 10 at 11:00:

  • Device-independent quantum cryptography | Prof. Roger Colbeck (University of York)
  • Chair: Prof. Paul Warburton (UCL)

Join Session 11 at 14:00:

  • All speaker Q+A
  • Chair: Prof. Dan Browne (UCL)


If you are experiencing any technical issues or have any enquires about the week please email the organising team.