Quantum Spin Dynamics


Philipp Ross


PhD Student

ext: 37875
email: philipp.ross.13(at)ucl.ac.uk
office: 229, Wilkins Building


Research Interests

I am fascinated by the manipulation of single electronic or nuclear spins. I want to contribute to the development of sophisticated devices which could, for example, enable the control of the coupling strength between individual spins. The demonstration of such control would signify a huge step on the way to a solid state based quantum computer.
My previous work investigated the antiferromagnetic resonance of Manganese(II) fluoride and spin transport phenomena in antiferromagnet-metal heterostructures.

Interesting fact

I might be the human incarnation of Gladstone Gander: My luggage always arrives first on the baggage carousel at the airport. Apart from that I can do kickflips.