Quantum Spin Dynamics


Dr Hee-Jin Lim


Postdoctoral Researcher

email: h.lim (at) ucl.ac.uk
Office: 5P3



Research Interests

We are living on simple (actually not, but conceptualised) things to which every individual detail is averaged by the macroscopic way. I want to look into the small details until it becomes simple again showing distinguished interactions ruled by quantum physics. Particularly, what interests me is the system which is in reality clustered (mesoscopic) but works effectively in microscopic way imitating an one-body quantum player (single atom). Do you believe charming jewelries are one of those kinds?

Jewelries (mostly crystallised) are loved because of transparency and clean surface from which light is reflected so that it is brought from star-lights. What attracts me is, however, something inside. I saw some diamonds in London Science Museum, emitting colourful and roaring lights from inside under UV irradiations. Precious things are not only of appearance but of inside, which are donor states in pure crystal silicon. They keep long-living quantum spins.

I've heard the music of electromagnetic fields, and drops of photons in my past research group in Korea. At UCL, It would be great for me to be a conductor of the orchestra harmonised by every key physical player; photon, and spin in silicon.

Interesting facts

Korean men are not funniest because everything of their talks tends to be submerged to their past experiences of military service and the soccer played while in the service. Every such story sounds same regardless of individual speakers.

Publication list

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