Quantum Spin Dynamics


James Williams

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PhD student

email: j.williams.18@ucl.ac.uk

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Research Interests

As we enter the NISQ era of quantum technologies, it’s become increasingly clear that the roads to quantum city will not be paved with gold, however perhaps they will be paved with silicon. My research involves modelling  and simulation of experimental silicon quantum dot devices, with a focus and building a design workflow to match and compare experimentally obtained parameters with theory. These parameters include capacitive coupling, lever arms, charging energies, tunnelling coupling among others as well as comparisons to expected defects within design fabrication such as gate asymmetry. 

My aim is to create a workflow which can predict how our devices will operate so that we can build a scalable quantum computing platform.

Interesting fact

I once broke my arm watching football. Vladimir Smicer scored in the 90th minute and I didn’t stick the landing.

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