Quantum Spin Dynamics


Dr Ravi Kumar

Dr Ravi kumar portrait small

Postdoctoral Researcher

email: ucanrku@ucl.ac.uk



Research Interests

My research interest centered on harnessing atom like opto-spin properties of single point defects trapped in high band gap semiconductors for scalable quantum computing and nano-sensing. Near surface single spins are resources to solid state based quantum technology. I am currently working on controlling charge state and spin dynamics of single NV centers in diamond in surface vicinity.

In the past, my research was focused on improving brightness and photo-stability of ensemble NV centers in sub 50 nm nanodiamonds by exploring fabrication parameters and optical measurement conditions. Further, I have worked on understanding the physical reason behind photo-blinking/photo-conversion of NV centers.


Selected publications

  1. Ravi Kumar, D.K. Singh, P. Kumar, C.T. Trinh, K.G. Lee, & S.R. Dhakate, High ensemble concentration of photo-stable NV centers in Type Ib nanodiamonds by thermal assisted migration of native vacancies, Diam. Relat. Mater., 114, 108337 (2021)
  2. Ravi Kumar, Dilip K. Singh, S. R. Dhakate et al., Influence of degree of air oxidation and functionality on ensemble emission from nitrogen vacancy centers in nano-diamonds, Diam. Relat. Mater. 97, 107431 (2019)
  3. Ravi Kumar, Tai Trinh Cong, K.G. Lee, S.R. Dhakate, Dilip K. Singh et al., Creation of uniformly dispersed nitrogen-vacancy centers in Nano-diamonds by low energy ion-irradiation, Mater. Res. Express, 6, 115097 (2019)
  4. Ravi Kumar, S. R. Dhakate, Dilip K. Singh et al., Engineering bright fluorescent nitrogen-vacancy (NV) nano-diamonds: Role of low energy ion-irradiation parameters, AIP Advances 8, 085023 (2018)
  5. Ravi Kumar, S.J. Yoon, K.G. Lee, S. R. Dhakate, Dilip K. Singh et al., Purification method dependent fluorescence from nitrogen-vacancy (NV) centers of nano-diamonds, RSC Adv., 6, 47164 (2016)