Quantum Spin Dynamics


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Postdoctoral Research Associate

tel: +44 (0)20 7679 2367; ext: 32367
email: jjl.morton@UCL 
office: 2C5



Research Interests

I am interested in studying atom-like defect centers and associated spins in wide band-gap materials for applications ranging from quantum information science to nano-scale metrology.

In the past, I have investigated Aharanov-Bohm effect and magneto-optic Kerr effect related to epitaxially grown quantum dots & isoelectronic centers and have also explored possibility of using these structures for fabricating solar cells and lasers. 

More recently, I studied charge and spin dynamics associated with various defect centers in diamond for a variety of applications including long-term memory storage, spintronics, nanoscale sensing, and nuclear hyperpolarization.  

At UCL, I am working on a combined atomic force microscope and confocal fluorescence microscope that can work at cryogenic temperatures as low as 1.8 K. This tool is designed to characterize and coherently control spins in a range of materials, down to the single spin level. 

Interesting fact

I am an ardent food lover and an aspiring multi-cuisine chef. Want to own a restaurant one day called "Pune to London via New York!"

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